My Issue With Cool Guitar Picks

My Issue With Cool Guitar Picks

Hi Guys, Verena Here! This is my issue with cool guitar picks as seen on

If you don’t know much about me, you should know one thing. I love singing so much! It is my passion and is all I want to do with my life (more blog posts to come on that soon).

As a singer I found it important for me to learn a musical instrument so I have been contemplating learning the bass, piano or guitar.

Since the guitar is the most portable and the most well suited for my travels, I made the decision to learn to play the guitar. I’m not very good with my finger so finding the correct cool guitar picks for me to play guitar has been tough.

There are so many cool guitar picks out there that it is hard to know which ones to buy. I get a sense from other musicians and guitarists that they seem to only play the cool guitar picks.

What is meant by Cool Guitar Picks?

Well, the cool guitar picks are those that are innovative and different from regular cool guitar picks. The regular cool guitar picks are those that have the plectrum shape we are familiar with. However the cool guitar picks offer more options in terms of tone and in terms of grip.

Cool Guitar Picks For Beginners

It seems as though the most advanced guitar players are not bothered by using cool guitar picks. These experienced musicians use regular cool guitar picks. This is because they have mastered holding the guitar picks. The cool guitar picks on the market are generally targeted towards beginner players and a lot of them help with grip and help the student learn how to concentrate on playing the instrument which is what I read on blog post about cool guitar picks.

The summary I have come to is that I will use these cool guitar picks as a beginner and as I advance I will begin to use the normal cool guitar picks just like the advanced players do.